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24. Internationaler Johannes-Brahms-Wettbewerb 2017 Poertschach Austria

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  §1 Organizer
  §2 Venue, Time
  §3 Registration
  §4 Entry
  §5a Piano
  §5b Violin
  §5c Viola
  §5d Cello
  §5e Voice
  §5f Chamber m.
  §6 Assessment
  §7 Miscellaneous

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Please note: These are the 2017 competition rules and regulations. We are currently working on the 2018 regulations, which will be published shortly. Thank you for your understanding!

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§ 5e Voice

General Information:

  • All lieder must be sung from memory in their original language.
  • The songs selected by the participants can only be performed once throughout their entire programme. Repetitions in other rounds are not allowed.
  • Transpositions are allowed.
  • The chairman will terminate any presentation greatly exceeding the given time frame.
  • Experienced accompanists are available free of charge. Participants who prefer to travel with their own accompanists are welcome to do so, but please note that this will entail an additional registration fee, because prizes will also be awarded for the best song accompaniment and the best lied-duo respectively.
  • Please prepare an attractive piece with a maximum duration of 4-5 minutes for the prize winners' concert. Choose from the theme "folk music (dance music)", if possible in connection with your home. For suggestions, see § 2.

A) First Round:

In total, 3 lieder have to be prepared:

  1. Two lieder by J. Brahms: Choose one kunstlied and one volkslied (from Deutsche Volkslieder WoO)
  2. Choose ONE lied from the following selection of composers:
    a) Josef Matthias Hauer (only lieder after op. 4)
    b) Arnold Schönberg (only lieder after op. 2)
    c) Anton von Webern (only lieder after op. 3)
    d) Robert Schollum („Alltag der Augen“; „Lieder aus dem Wunderhorn“, „Kinderreime“ – available from Doblinger Music Publishers, Vienna)

Duration: max. 10 minutes

B) Second Round:

  1. Choose two lieder by Johannes Brahms
  2. Choose lieder from the following composers:
    Joseph Haydn
    Gustav Mahler
    Franz Schubert
    Clara Schumann
    Robert Schumann
    Richard Strauss
    Hugo Wolf
  3. One folk song in your mother tongue

Duration: max. 15 minutes

C) Final:

  1. Choose three lieder by J. Brahms.
  2. Choose your own composer(s).

Duration: max. 20 minutes


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